Only one man starred Kate’s dreams for the past few months. Donovan Mills introduced himself in his family’s Irish pub and sparks flied all around that night. He held her hand, gazed into her eyes making Kate forget all the reasons why she couldn’t move thousands of miles to join her sisters (and Donovan) in Austin, Texas.

After settling in her sister Kayla’s former apartment in Austin a few months later, Kate figured she could pick up the sizzling hot connection with Donovan. But she couldn’t have been more wrong.

Things didn’t exactly go as she’d hoped and Kate is trying hard to avoid Donovan’s stormy grey eyes, watching her every move. Donovan now makes her uncomfortable, as he stares from across the room with his scowling face. Unfortunately, getting over the biggest crush of her life is easier said than done.

Donovan had seen a picture of the sweet Kate Walsh before he kissed her cheek in greeting in his family’s Irish pub. She was even more beautiful up close and that night; Donovan instantly felt a strange connection with Kate he’d never felt with anyone before.

After failing to protect Kate and her sisters from a crazy stalker, Donovan took matters in his own hands. He would be the one to protect Kate and make sure no one was ever going to hurt her again.

Donovan was battling this raging war between his conscience and heart, as his obsession with Kate’s safety was the exact thing that was holding Donovan back from her. Kate consumed Donovan’s thoughts, dreams, works of art and every fibre down to his soul. He didn’t recognize himself anymore, but he knew one thing for sure; he had to put a stop to his attraction before she drove him absolutely crazy.

Lucky Irish series: Donovan is the second book in the funny, sweet and steamy Lucky Irish series about the love lives of several Irish families in Austin, Texas. Each book is a new sexy romance but let us also catch up with favorite characters from the series. 

No cheating, no cliffhangers and definitely a HEA. For mature readers only.