One horrible night changes Kayla’s life drastically. Instead of seeking help from her loved ones, Kayla freaks out and makes the snap decision to instantly pack up and leave her home, work and family in New Jersey.

Kayla is on her own as she recovers on the other side of the country in Austin, Texas. She is determined to start over without the safety net of family and friends and although it hasn’t been easy, Kayla is set on making a new life for herself.

The last thing Kayla needs is to get distracted by the sexy former MMA fighter Duncan who turns out to be the younger brother of her new employer. He is all male, delicious in a rugged kind of way and irritatingly tempting. Can Kayla let go of her past and give Duncan a chance?

Duncan recently opened his own Dojo after his retirement from MMA fighting due to a shoulder injury. He hates that he can’t fight anymore, but at least he can train daily with his brothers at his Dojo.

Duncan is still getting used to his new life out of the limelight and when Kayla bumps into Duncan at his brother’s office, everything seems to be turned upside down by this gorgeous and sassy woman.

The attraction between Duncan and Kayla is off the charts and when Duncan wants to go all in with a woman for the first time in his life, he discovers that winning over Kayla’s heart isn’t the only hurdle Duncan has to take.

Duncan is book one in the Lucky Irish Series that entails the love lives of several Irish families in Austin, Texas. Each book is a new sexy romance but let us also catch up with favorite characters from the series. 

No cheating, no cliffhangers and definitely a HEA. 😀