Errin’s homesick phone calls to her family in Jersey were getting longer and more frequent. Moving to Austin so the three Walsh sisters could be together again had been a total bust. Her sisters were solely focused on their boyfriends and started an actual life with proper jobs and new friends. And Errin? Well, let’s say working part-time at the dog kennel instead of dancing professionally wasn’t her dream come true.

With her mind set on her final shot at making it as a dancer back in Jersey, she never saw the handsome and broody bartender coming. Falling for the eleven year older Mills brother is exactly NOT what she needs right now. Just when things finally start to work out for Errin, Brennan has the nerve to sweep her off her feet. Literally.

An angelic spitfire. That’s how his brother Duncan described her. But Brennan Mills wasn’t mistaken. Under her sweet and innocent forthcoming lurks a girl who swears like a sailor and talks before she thinks of the repercussion of her words.

Errin wasn’t his type. Sure, looks wise Errin is hot as in smoking HOT. But that mouth on her? Within the first thirty seconds in meeting Errin for the first time, Brennan concluded they would never be a thing or even friends for that matter.

But then one night, Brennan sees Errin in a different light. Has the best thing that could ever happen to him been sitting right under his nose all this time? Their push and pull is making him crazy. Brennan finally found the one that could match him and he is all in. But is Errin? Or is Brennan too late? 

Lucky Irish series: Brennan is the third book in the funny, sweet and steamy Lucky Irish series about the love lives of several Irish families in Austin, Texas. Each book is a new sexy romance but let us also catch up with favorite characters from the series. 

No cheating, no cliffhangers and definitely a HEA. For mature readers only.