“I… yes, I love you.
But not in that way, I’m sorry, Squirt.”

With these words, Declan Mills broke Bree’s heart, and his own. By trying to save their friendship, Declan did something he’d never done before: he lied to Bree.

Bree picked herself up and tried hard to move on from her infatuation that had lasted nearly two decades. About time, right? Wrong. One night, the former best friends gravitate together, binding their lives forever.

Declan made a mistake by choosing friendship over love. But can he win over Bree’s heart again?

Declan is book four in the Lucky Irish series about the ups and downs of several Irish families in Austin, Texas. Each book is an interconnected standalone. As we read a new sexy romance, we can also catch up with favorite characters throughout the series.

DECLAN is coming out December 4, 2020!