The Lucky Irish Series

แƒฆ Each book in the series is an interconnected standalone แƒฆ

The series start with Kayla Walsh moving from Jersey to Austin, TX. She meets Duncan Mills at her job interview with his brother Donovan.

In book 2, Donovan Mills fights his attraction at first, but now he’s all in to go after Kate Walsh, Kayla’s sister.

In book 3, we witness the love story of Errin Walsh and Brennan Mills. Brennan is taking over his family’s pub; The Lucky Irishman. He asks his cousins Keenan Mills and Aiden Mills to help him renovate the pub.

In book 3, we also meet Emmy Moore and Ryan Moore. Emmy is the new chef at Lucky and also a cousin of the Mills men. Ryan works on their parents’ ranch. Their mother is Shauni Mills-Moore, the daughter of Pops.

In book 4, one of the Ryan sisters will finally have her story told! Bree Ryan and Declan Mills…, will they finally be together?

In book 4, the mystery surrounding the Ryan sister’s father, Rob Walker, will be revealed… Meet the final three families of the Lucky Irish series – Austin:

We’ll meet all these characters along our Lucky Irish journey, so stay tuned for more books to come!

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