Winter Peaks series

Welcome to Winter Peaks, Colorado! A small tourist town where all year round, people come and go to enjoy the mountains. But the families of the Winter Peaks series have made the town their home.

Caitlin Ryan leaves her family in Texas behind for the snowy Colorado mountains of Winter Peaks.

During her bus ride to Winter Peaks, Caitlin meets Adam Mills, the oldest brother of the family that agreed to take her in for the next half year.

Caitlin tries hard to ignore their instant attraction. Caitlin wants a fresh start in a new town and the former Olympic gold medalist, Adam, is an unexpected distraction.

As a half-pipe snowboard star, Adam Mills has seen and done it all before. He’s finally ready to give his heart to a woman and settle down. His family can’t believe how hard he’s fallen for Caitlin. But can Adam win over Caitlin’s heart? 

ADAM is book one in the Winter Peaks series about the ups and downs of several families in a small tourist town in Colorado. The series is a spin-off of the Lucky Irish series, where we’ve fallen in love with several close-knit families in Austin, Texas.

Each book is an interconnected standalone. As we read a new sexy romance, we can also catch up with favorite characters throughout the series.

*PS: The Lucky Irish series will continue in 2021, with KEENAN! <3
I’m nowhere near finished with our Walsh, Mills, Ryan, Moore and Walker families in Austin, TX.

The second book of Winter Peaks will feature Damian Dorante and Chloe Mills.

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