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Release date: May 23, 2024

Series: Iron Vikings MC # 4

Genres: Action & Adventure Romance

Tropes: Motorcycle Romance, Suspense, Angsty, Dominant Alpha, Dark Past, Bad Boy, Criminal, Biker, Age Gap Romance, Best Friend’s Sister, Brother’s Best Friend, Forbidden Romance

Iron Vikings MC
Owen is out now

Tara Houston is the one who got away and Owen Mills is still doing everything he can to forget her many years later.
During a stupid game with his contact list on his phone, Owen’s sister dials Tara by accident.

Hope flares in Owen’s chest when she calls out his name for the first time in years. But all hope on reconciliation is obliterated when Tara’s secret comes to light.

Tara Houston isn’t the lost and scared eighteen-year old anymore. She’s doing her best to make something of her life far away from Winter Peaks and the man starring her dreams every night. But life throws another curveball at Tara when Owen mistakenly calls her and finds out about her secret.

There is no time to worry about how to tell Owen or for the rehearsed apology. Like a pissed-off bull, Owen barges back into her life, making her remember why Owen Mills is the only man she ever loved.

WARNING: This story contains violence, bad language as well as darker content some may find difficult to read such as child abuse and neglect, including emotional, verbal, psychological and physical abuse.

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