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Blazing Islands

1. Adela and Camilla starting point 
2. First lake 
3. Beach Camp 
4. Lookout point 
5. Big Rock 
6. Banana trees 
7. Cove in the rocks 
8. Waterfall lake 
9. Privacy huts 
10. t/m 16. in upcoming books —> no spoilers

Get swept away in the latest scorching Anna Castor series with all new characters: Blazing Islands. 

College graduate Adela crawls over the beach of a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean after a horrific storm shipwrecked their rented catamaran for a weekend getaway with friends. 

Out of the five girls on board, only Adela and Camilla wash up at the deceivingly beautiful pearly white beach with the coconut trees. They trek across the island in search of Raven, Liv and Hailey, hoping that their friends are lying on a daybed with a Mai Tai in their hand, wondering what took them this long to get there. 

Unfortunately, after trekking through the jungle for a full day, they don’t find their friends. But what they do find will change their lives indefinitely.

Wildland firefighter Jack shouldn’t be sitting in a cramped life raft at his friend’s bachelor party. After a brutal storm that sunk their boat to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, Jack and his five friends are adrift until they see a massive fire on a beach and they finally find land! 

But that’s not all they find… 

There’s an instant attraction between Jack and Adela, but surviving the island comes first. Realization slowly sinks in that they will not be rescued any time soon. In their search for Adela’s friends, the mighty force of nature strikes once again in a potentially catastrophic way.

This action & adventure romance story is about letting go of the past, forgiveness, and finding inner strength not only to survive the island but also to surrender yourself to love. 

Please note that this work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only. Please do not buy if strong sexual situations and explicit language offend you.

Adela and Jack’s story is up first in the series in WRECKED.