The Lucky Irish Series

# 1 – Duncan

One horrible night changes Kayla’s life drastically. Instead of seeking help from her loved ones, Kayla freaks out and makes the snap decision to instantly pack up and leave her home, work and family in New Jersey. 

Kayla is on her own as she recovers on the other side of the country in Austin, Texas. The last thing Kayla needs is to get distracted by the sexy former MMA fighter Duncan. He is all male, delicious in a rugged kind of way and irritatingly tempting. Can Kayla let go of her past and give Duncan a chance?

Duncan is available on Kindle Unlimited and Amazon as eBook and in paperback. To One-Click on Amazon, click here.



# 2 – Donovan

Forget about the cold and distant bastard who did anything (and whoever for that matter), as he pleases. She consumed him. His thoughts, dreams, works of art and every fibre down to his soul. He was battling this raging war between his conscience and heart as his obsession was the exact thing that was holding him back from her.

She’s trying hard to avoid his stormy gray eyes watching her every move. He makes her uncomfortable as he stares from across the room with his scowling face. Unfortunately, getting over the biggest crush of her life is easier said than done. 

Donovan is available on Kindle Unlimited and Amazon as eBook and in paperback on Friday 31st of January. To pre-order for a limited time only $ 0.99 One-Click on Amazon, click here