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Lucky Irish Series


Devlin Walker has been in a shitty mood for years while keeping his father’s secrets. Now the word is finally out that Devlin has five half-sisters, he is hesitant to meet the Ryan sisters. What is supposed to be a family …

Lucky Irish Series


The sixth book of the Lucky Irish series will feature the series favorites; Fianna Ryan and Ronan Mills.

Lucky Irish Series

Matteo – Winter Peaks 3

Matteo Dorante almost had a heart attack when a woman dressed up as a sexy clown suddenly whispered into the dark in the stuck elevator last Halloween. He was drunk. And she was brutally honest.  Lily Mills couldn’t believe it when the …

Lucky Irish Series

Damian – Winter Peaks 2

After a near fatal accident on the half-pipe, Damian Dorante recovers at the bed-and-breakfast of his best friend’s family.  Damian welcomes the warmth of the Mills family after his falling out with his father. There’s only one person he wished …

Books Lucky Irish Series

Keenan – Lucky Irish 5

“I remember everything about that night…” For the past years, Keenan Mills stood alone as a heartbroken, single dad to his almost six-year-old son. He’s learned the hard way to never let anyone get close to his heart. One night, he meets Ryleigh …

Books Lucky Irish Series


“I… yes, I love you. But not in that way, I’m sorry, Squirt.” With these words, Declan Mills broke Bree’s heart, and his own. By trying to save their friendship, Declan did something he’d never done before: he lied to Bree. …


Brennan – Lucky Irish # 3

“Say you’ll be mine tonight. Let me have this one night.” Homesick Errin Walsh is ready to move back to Jersey and give her dancing career a final shot. But one night with Brennan Mills has flipped her world upside …

Lucky Irish Series

DONOVAN – Lucky Irish #2

“Come. I promise I won’t bite… For now.” Donovan Mills was supposed to protect Kate Walsh from her sister’s stalker. He’s not supposed to fall for her the moment she walks into his family’s Irish pub. Her beauty and innocence brings …

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