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Books Lucky Irish Series

Keenan – Lucky Irish 5

Keenan Mills and his five-year-old son Tommy have been through so much together. Being a single dad for the past two years has taken its toll on Keenan and he needs help with Tommy now he’s taking over his dad’s …

Books Lucky Irish Series


“I… yes, I love you. But not in that way, I’m sorry, Squirt.” With these words, Declan Mills broke Bree’s heart, and his own. By trying to save their friendship, Declan did something he’d never done before: he lied to Bree. …


Brennan – Lucky Irish # 3

“Say you’ll be mine tonight. Let me have this one night.” Homesick Errin Walsh is ready to move back to Jersey and give her dancing career a final shot. But one night with Brennan Mills has flipped her world upside …

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