New series: Blazing Islands

Get swept away in the latest scorching Anna Castor series with all knew characters: Blazing Islands. 

Shipwrecked on a deserted island along with her three best friends, Adela’s main goal is to stay alive long enough to get rescued from this tropical hell. When six guys wash up on their island after another storm a week later, Adela, Camilla, Raven and Liv are hesitant to let these alpha males take over the island. They might be ripped and thus handy for building shelter from the sun and whatnot, if they think they can order these four girls around, they have another thing coming. Blazing Island is theirs. And no matter how cocky, irritatingly handsome these men are, they will not turn their newfound world upside down. Or will they?

Adela and Jack’s story is up first in the series in WRECKED.

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