Release date: April 27, 2023
Series: Blazing Islands # 3
Genres: Action & Adventure Romance
Tropes: Disaster Romance, Suspense, Angsty, Stuck Together, Forced Proximity, Stranded


Get swept away in the latest scorching Anna Castor series with all new characters: Blazing Islands. 

College graduate Liv wakes up disoriented and all alone on the beach of a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean. How did she get here? Where are her four best friends she rented a catamaran with for a fun weekend trip?

Injured and scared, Liv needs to pull out all the stops to survive. Even if she has to crawl her way over the island, she’s determined to go home where she has unfinished business with a certain ex-boyfriend.

Bad boy turned veterinarian Rodrigo reluctantly arranged a stupid bachelor party for his twin brother, Gabriel, who after their boat sunk to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, flippantly declares that he recently called off his wedding without even telling him.

Rodrigo, Gabriel and their four friends are adrift for days until they see a massive fire on a beach. They finally find land, but also two chicks scared out of their minds about their three missing friends.

Rodrigo instantly volunteers to trek across the island and look for the three girls. Call him jaded, or even a little resentful after what happened with his ex, but everything’s better than sticking around while his friends go all goo-goo eyed over the two chicks they just stumbled upon. 

When Rodrigo finds a ridiculously gorgeous brunette in distress, walking away from her isn’t an option… 

This action & adventure romance series is about letting go of the past, forgiveness, and finding inner strength not only to survive the island but also to surrender yourself to love. 

Please note that this work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only. Please do not buy if strong sexual situations and explicit language offend you.

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