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Emmy Moore fell hard and fast for the brawny firefighter that saved her not once, but twice in a week’s time. Kieran Walker not only made her feel alive and ready to take on the world, he also broke her heart into a thousand pieces.

It has been hard getting over the man who had seemed perfect for her, and she will not let him pull her back in when they meet again years later. But Emmy’s game plan to ignore Kieran falls into pieces when fate intertwine their lives again.

How is she supposed to suppress all these old feelings resurfacing when Kieran makes no qualms about going all out in getting her back?

Kieran Walker still dreams about Emmy’s smile, remembering their late night talks in bed word-for-word. She pushed him away years ago, but he’s done waiting. Now that Emmy is back, he will make her see that they belong together. No matter how hard she tries to fight her feelings.

As a spin-off of the much loved Lucky Irish series; the Moore Family series shares most of the same sassily strong and alpha characters. Featuring the Moore family, this series can be enjoyed as stand-alone novels or as part of the larger series.

One Moore Time is a laugh out loud, sexy and heartfelt big family romance that will have you swoon while reading Teagan and Devlin’s happily ever after. Filled with hilarious family banter between brothers and sisters this romance series will make you feel part of their families.

In the Moore Family series you’ll find a broody farmer, a veterinarian, a sassy tattoo artist, a heartbroken chef, a hopeless romantic wedding planner and lots of bad boy alphas.

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