Release date: November 27, 2022
Series: Iron Vikings MC # 2
Genres: Action & Adventure Romance
Tropes: Motorcycle Romance, Suspense, Angsty, Stuck Together, Forced Proximity, Dominant Alpha, Kidnapped, Injury, Dark Past, Bad Boy, Criminal, Biker, Age Gap Romance, Best Friend’s Sister, Brother’s Best Friend


His road name is Demon for a reason.

While his club brothers and most of the sweetbutts give Demon a wide berth, Cat finds herself drawn to his darkness. Demon pushes her away at every turn, claiming he’s too old and incapable of loving anyone. But Cat fights for what she wants. And after years of pining over him, she’ll finally have her way.

Doling out punishments for the Iron Vikings MC as the club’s Enforcer is the only thing that somewhat eases the blood-craving beast inside of Demon. Demon has been keeping an eye on Cat from the shadows while she grew up into this challenging, one of a kind and gorgeous young woman. If things were different, she would be perfect for him. 

Unfortunately, life is no effing fairytale and Demon will certainly never be her Prince Charming. 
But by pushing Cat away, Demon will make damn sure she’ll get the happy ever after she deserves.

WARNING: This book deals with open relationships in the club (sweetbutts), threesomes and voyeurism. The story contains violence, bad language as well as darker content some may find difficult to read.

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