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Release date: September 30, 2022
Series: Iron Vikings MC # 2
Genres: Action & Adventure Romance
Tropes: Motorcycle Romance, Suspense, Angsty, Stuck Together, Forced Proximity, Dominant Alpha, Kidnapped, Injury, Dark Past, Bad Boy, Criminal, Biker, Age Gap Romance, Best Friend’s Sister, Brother’s Best Friend


His road name is Demon for a reason.

Doling out punishments for the Iron Vikings MC as the club’s Enforcer is the only thing that somewhat eases the blood-craving beast inside of Demon. 

His dark past will forever have a hold on him, and that’s exactly why he should stay the hell away from the much younger Catriona. Not only is she the younger sister of one of his club brothers, Cat also has it in her head that they are the same and she can fix him or something.

Demon is simply not having it. She’d better stay the f€&ck away from him or he’ll show Cat what a man like Demon does with twenty-one-year old brats that challenge him.

Catriona Walker isn’t blind to the scary shit Demon does for the club. Her brother never shares club business, but Cat has heard a few things over the years. While his club brothers and most of the sweetbutts give Demon a wide berth, Cat finds herself drawn to his darkness. 

Demon pushed her away when she kissed him years ago on her eighteenth birthday, but he belongs to her ever since. She just knows that nobody gets her like he does.

Cat sees the way he looks at her and she purposely provokes him every chance she gets. Cat wants the scariest man of the Iron Vikings MC to snap and finally make her his in every way possible.

With her twenty-first birthday coming up, Cat is planning to win over the Enforcer’s cold heart, even if she has to summon her inner psychopath and bind him to the bed in a deserted cabin in the woods. Hopefully it doesn’t need to come to that…

WARNING: This book deals with open relationships in the club (sweetbutts), threesomes and voyeurism. The story contains violence, bad language as well as darker content some may find difficult to read.

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