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Release date: November 8, 2022
Series: Iron Vikings MC # 3
Genres: Action & Adventure Romance
Tropes: Motorcycle Romance, Suspense, Angsty, Dominant Alpha, Dark Past, Bad Boy, Criminal, Biker, Age Gap Romance, Best Friend’s Sister, Brother’s Best Friend, Forbidden Romance


Nobody touches the Club Princess. 

Wolf grew up in the Iron Vikings MC, where the number one rule of the club has taunted him ever since he first noticed Amara blossoming into a f*&cking Greek goddess.

Not only is Amara the Club Princess, she’s also his best friend’s younger sister. Those two strikes can never be wiped off the slate. Wolf will never act on the growing attraction between them. Not that he was looking for an Old Lady, anyway. The rotation of sweetbutts filling his bed at the clubhouse is all he ever needs. Right?

Amara Doukas has been in crazy, stupid lust since forever with Wolf. A few stolen moments between them while the club is at war makes her believe that she finally gets to the heart of Wolf. But when he keeps pushing her away, she swears to get over him. Let’s see how he’ll take it if she finally moves on from her stupid crush.

WARNING: This book deals with open relationships in the club (sweetbutts), threesomes and voyeurism. The story contains violence, bad language as well as darker content some may find difficult to read.

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