Iron Vikings MC

The Iron Vikings MC is for every Anna Castor reader who can’t get enough of dominant alpha males and steamy scenes.

ZEUS is officially book one in the series, but there is a series Prequel that’s so worth the read! Find out Zeus’ journey in becoming the Iron Vikings MC National President in the Prequel, Iron Vikings MC #0.5. 

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Winter Peaks series

Welcome to Winter Peaks, Colorado.

A small tourist town where all year round, people come and go to enjoy the mountains. But the families of the Winter Peaks series have made the town their home. 

The Winter Peaks series is a spin-off of the Lucky Irish series. You’ll find bad boy alphas, sports romance, best friends brother, second chances, friends-to-lovers, small town love, enemies-to-lovers, love at work, slowburn and steamy instalove. 

Families of Winter Peaks series:

Books Winter Peaks series
Lucky Irish series

Fall in love with the Lucky Irish big family romance families and see why thousands of readers have started binge reading the sassily strong and witty alpha characters in the Lucky Irish series. All Lucky Irish books can be enjoyed as stand-alone novels or as part of the larger series.

The Lucky Irish series is a laugh out loud sexy and heartfelt big family romance that will have you swoon while reading the happily ever afters. Filled with hilarious family banter between brothers and sisters this romance series will make you feel part of their families.

In the Lucky Irish series you’ll find MMA fighters, bartenders, private investigators, police officers, a hot single dad, bad boy alphas, second chances, surprise babies, friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-lovers, love at work, slowburn and steamy instalove.

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